Whatever we seek from technology - whether it's to expand knowledge or to connect with others - it's easy to get drawn into distraction and lose sight of why we use it. And with emails, social media, and text messages constantly pulling our attention towards a screen, it can be particularly challenging to concentrate and find stillness.

This is another reason why the skills we learn through meditation are so important: those who are focused can shut off distractions, say "no" to the temptation of instant gratification, and concentrate on something meaningful, giving them a significantly better chance of succeeding in life. Equally, being aware of how we interact with technology helps us reclaim our power over it, rather than be overpowered by it.

Having a healthier relationship with technology will also help build meditative principles - such as freedom and non-reactivity - into your daily life, which will, in turn, deepen your practice.

Being aware of what you seek from technology, and how it affects you, will help you make more conscious choices about how and when you use it. Next time you reach for your phone or computer become aware of what is moving you to take that action, and notice if you get dragged in a different direction as you interact with your device.

Technology is a wonderful tool, but our increasing interconnectedness can encourage unawareness, restlessness, over-stimulation, and absence from life. Meditation helps us enjoy its benefits while avoiding the pitfalls.